iOS/Web Product Engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area

Building great software products professionally since 2005 for companies including Twitch, Hipmunk, Bebo, charity: water, Founder Dating, and more.

You want an independent, strategic thinker who can execute

You’re a small team looking for someone who can transition from high-level strategic thinking to defining process to getting in the weeds with implementation details. You want someone who can prototype new ideas and ship code up and down the stack.

You’re looking for a generalist who ships and gets things done.

A versatile and thoughtful developer with 18+ years of experience

I like taking bets on young companies that most effectively use my versatility and my wide range of experiences. I enjoy learning new technologies and prefer working with small close-knit teams collaborating on meaningful projects.

I take pride in the work I do and care deeply about the projects I engage in.

Services I provide

  • Starting from scratch, building, and shipping
  • Product Management and Software Development
  • Prototyping an MVP of a new product or feature
  • iOS Development
  • Ruby on Rails Development
  • Unit/Integration/UI Testing, Automation, and CI
  • Pair Programming
  • Technical Mentoring and Leadership
  • Researching and implementing new technologies

Places I’ve worked

  • Sourcetable, 2020-2021
    • Engineer #1, Product development, Process development, Recruiting, Team building
    • React, Node, Express, Jest, Mongo, Terraform, Docker, Rollbar
  • Magic, Inc., 2019-2020
    • Product Engineer, Mobile / Full Stack, Process development, Team building, Automated testing, Distributed team across multiple time zones/cultures; Functional specs, TDD; Mentoring
    • React Native/Expo, Express, Apollo GraphQL, JSDoc, React Navigation, Jest, Mongo, Docker, Mixpanel, Segment, Sentry
  • Hipmunk, 2017-2019
    • Lead iOS Engineer, CI/Release process, Automation, Unit/UI Testing, Hybrid JS/Native, Hiring, Management, Mentoring, Pair programming, Team building, Functional specs
    • Swift, Obj-C, XCTest, Fastlane, Bitrise, Fabric/Crashlytics, Firebase
  • Monkey Inferno / Zuno, 2010-2011
    • Engineer #5, Product Development, Zuno iOS App, Python API, Viral flows
    • Mobile / Full Stack, Obj-C, Python, Tornado, MySQL
  • Bebo, 2007-2009
    • Engineer #18, Head of Mobile, Product Development from 0 to 4mil DAU, Scalability, A/B Testing, Viral flows, Mobile SMS Platform
    • Mobie Web, Java/JSP, SMS, SOAP/XML, Memcached
  • Digital Chocolate, 2005-2007
    • Lead Engineer, Porting of games to feature handsets for carriers including Verizon, Sprint, Cingular, Virgin
    • Java/J2ME, C++, BREW

Businesses I’ve founded

  • little countdown
    • Founder, Customer/Product Development, Unit/UI Testing
    • Swift, XCTest, Fastlane
  • little memory
    • Founder, Customer/Product Development, Multiple App Store Features: iTunes Staff Favorite/Dear Diary/Apps for Writers, A/B Testing, Unit/Integration/UI Testing, API design, Architecture
    • Obj-C, Rails, Rspec, jQuery, Mongo, Redis, Chef, Stripe
  • Dojo
    • Co-Founder, Product Development, Pair Programming, Unit/Integration Testing, Hiring
    • Rails, Rspec, jQuery, HAML/SASS, Mongo, Chef
  • Tello
    • Co-Founder, MVP of Web App, Product and Development
    • Rails

Software I’ve built

  • Twitch
    • Microservice for Search Backend, Search Data Pipeline, Algolia Integration, Unit/Integration Testing
    • Go, Rails, Rspec, Kafka, Kinesis, Elastic Search, Algolia, AWS, Terraform, Puppet
    • SEO audit and consultation
  • Bonjournal
    • iPhone App Development, featured on iTunes App Store
    • Obj-C
    • Web and iPhone App Development, Unit/Integration Testing, SEO audit and implementation
    • Rails, Rspec, Obj-C
  • Hugg
    • MVP of iOS App
    • RubyMotion
  • PhotoSugar
    • Website Development, Organic Search Growth, SEO audit and implementation, Unit/Integration Testing
    • Rails, Rspec
  • Founder Dating
    • Development of Website, Integration with LinkedIn API
    • PHP/LAMP
  • RandTxt
    • MVP of iOS app with Founders of Firebase, Exit/sold
    • Obj-C
  • Tuenti
    • Messaging/SMS framework, Integration with carriers, API design, Key feature in exit/sale to Telefonica
    • PHP, SMS
  • charity: water
    • First social and scalable charitable donation site mycharity: water, Developed and launched, Viral flows, Mentoring, in 2 months site raised $500k from 2k donors
    • Java/JSP, Tomcat, MySQL, Memcached, Paypal API

Experience I bring

  • VC funded startup founder
  • Multiple App Store featured iOS Apps
  • Product development
  • Full stack web development with user-centric mindset
  • SEO and growth
  • 18+ years of software/product development


Ivan was a key player in the rapid construction of a startup that would sell for nearly a billion. I would gladly welcome the opportunity to work with Ivan in the future and highly recommend him for the most demanding roles in the industry.

Jose Hernandez

Ivan is a fantastic product developer who can take wireframe ideas and build an entire product. Not only will the engineering be solid but you will find that the UI/UX is thoughtful, effective, and visually pleasing. People that take pride in their work build better things and that’s Ivan.

Brian Woods

Ivan is an asset to any team building innovative product on the web or mobile. He can learn and apply new technology quickly and work independently to complete complex projects.

Darius Contractor

Ivan is always excited about learning new technologies and is eager to create new tools and bring ideas to life.

Jonathan Ritchey